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As a starting band that has just released its first studio album, we’re excited for what’s to come. We’ve had a number of successful shows. The highlights and upcoming events can be found both here and on our instagram, which we update regularly. Our music and performances are backed up by years of practice and musical experimentation that we can finally present to the world without the restriction of the covid pandemic.

Throughout the creation of our first album, we’ve progressed in our abilities and broadened our musical influences. With most of our tracks having started off as beatleseque songs, we’ve drawn inspiration from our evolving musical tastes throughout the years to refine them.

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Winners of Noorderwind Showcase!

After getting through the preselection, we played in a semi-final and the final. The objective of the final was two-fold: first to get the most audience votes for the audience prize and secondly to get as many booking from the bookers present to become the overall winner. We ended up winning both!

Zomerpop 2022!

This year we got the amazing opportunity to play at Zomerpop. The sound and vibe were great and we’re really happy with the show we were able to create. Check it out!

The Zanders at Omrop Fryslân

This summer we got the opportunity to play at the radio/TV program Noardewyn Live, which is broadcast by Omrop Fryslân. It was an amazing experience to be able to play in a sophisticated TV studio environment.

Album release at D’Drive

After years of work we finally released our debut album: Losing Control. We released this album on the 10th of May 2022. For the release of the album we gave a concert at D’Drive Leeuwarden which was amazing!

The album is now available on all the major streaming platforms. Check it out!


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17-04-2022 Eipop Hoorn

26-04-2022 Koningsnacht Huis Verloren Hoorn

10-05-2022 Neushoorn Leeuwarden

10-06-2022 Hoornse Stadsfeesten

18-06-2022 Omrop Fryslân

17-07-2022 The Tall Ships Races Harlingen

03-09-2022 Zomerpop Opmeer

24-09-2022 Camping Boven ‘T Maaiveld

27-10-2022 Café de Pilaren Alkmaar

28-10-2022 De Nieuwe Golf @ Het Huis Verloren

20-11-2022 Cool Heerhugowaard

26-11-2022 Manifesto Hoorn

06-01-2023 Nieuwjaarsreceptie Het Huis Verloren

12-01-2023 Gunnery’s Irish Pub Alkmaar

19-01-2023 Duycker Hoofddorp

20-01-2023 Omrop Fryslân

12-02-2023 Walk On Hoorn

24-02-2023 Kompleks Heerhugowaard

01-04-2023 Palmpop de Weere

09-04-2023 Eipop Hoorn

23-04-2023 Harmonie Edam

29-04-2023 Podium Victorie Alkmaar

27-05-2023 Woodlands Bergen 

28-05-2023 Whit Sunday Hoorn 

29-05-2023 Spinvis tussen de koeien

23-07-2023 Grondslag Festival 

02-09-2023 Cultuurmarkt Bemmel

09-09-2023 ReMind the Gap

17-09-2023 De Nood een Deugd

30-09-2023 Museumnacht Alkmaar

2-11-2023 Club PussyCat @ Victorie

live band performance

Give our album a listen!

Give our album a listen by using the spoitfy embed below, or check it out on the streaming platforms:


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Phone/whatsapp         +31 6 83549314